About us

Dallas Truck Deals was established to help bring truckers the kind of information they want, when they want it. Not only do we aim to help provide our visitors with great information about used trailer and truck sales, but we want to help drivers stay informed of important developments in the industry.


Dallas is an important hub in the southern United States for transportation of goods and sundries across the country. A great many interstates all pass through the Downtown Dallas freeway loop. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport sees a massive amount of traffic passing through it, both in passengers and commodities. Dallas Love Field is another local airport that serves the area, but not the last. As many as four other airports within 40 miles of Dallas make it a prime location for air shipping.


This meeting of transportation modes creates an ideal circumstance for shipping companies to get their goods into trailers and onto the Interstates. The most integral component of that equation is the driver. Our aim is to facilitate the empowerment of each driver and professional with high-quality, relevant information to their interests and the industry.


Dallas Truck Deals seeks to not just connect a great vehicle with the driver that will make the best use of it. Plenty of important information is constantly coming to the forefront as the industry’s lobbyists and interest groups work on their behalf. Insurance and rates specifically for a trucker is important to be knowledgeable of so that one is not overspending or under-insured on their plan.


Amidst those important statements, we will be bringing our guests great information from a variety of dealers on Dallas used truck sales. Staying on the road with the wheels moving is the only way for a driver to fulfill their responsibility. It only makes sense to ensure that one is climbing into a solid truck before heading to that next destination. It is for these reasons that we draw our used truck and trailer listings from Trucker to Trucker (, a website by trucking professionals for trucking professionals.


We welcome any amount of feedback or inquiry about any information presented on this website. The aim of Dallas Used Trucks is to serve guests just like you. The best way to do that is to hear from you with your feedback.


An informed driver or professional is in a much greater position to stay in compliance with their respective industry standards. Laws and regulations are not forgiving even in the event of lack of knowledge of given developments.

It is for these reasons and more that we launch the Chicago Truck Deals Blog to help keep our readers informed and knowledgeable. Your feedback and topics that interest you are of the utmost importance to us. Feel free to contact us today if you have a subject matter related to the trucking industry you would like to see addressed, desire more information on a subject, or would simply like to comment. Our readers are, by far, the most important component of the Chicago Truck Deals Blog. Therefore, we want to hear from you!