Improving Health While On The Road

Jim McCormack

Despite what one might think, trucking is one of the highest risk occupations in the nation.  This is not necessarily due to risks encountered while on the road but, rather, to the lifestyle itself.  Eating out all the time, extended periods of sitting in one position, the use of stimulants and aids to stay awake and keep performance high, and psychological stress caused by the job can result in many health-related issues.


According to the Center for Disease Controland National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, truckers experience a death rate 11 times greater than those employed in the general workforce.  Hypertension, ulcers, heart attack, lower back pain, and cancers of the prostrate, lungs, stomach, and bladder have all been attributed to long hours behind the wheel, a poor lifestyle, and the demands of this profession.

Today, with the help of experienced drivers, there is a growing interest and improved knowledge about how to combat these conditions.  Effective alternatives are available and have been shown to dramatically impact future jobs as well as performance.  Fortunately, the internet is helping to spread the word about excellent and affordable ways to restore good health and maintain vitality.

One example is AgeLOC Vitality which is a chemical alternative that is formulated to raise and maintain driver’s energy levels by combating fatigue and stress.  Unlike sugar-based products, there is no “crash” as is found with artificial stimulants.  Instead of experiencing highs and lows, a continual feeling of revitalization is experienced.  Although this does not tone the body, the natural ingredients help to reduce stress by improving alertness and stamina.


For those that prefer a non-chemical approach there is always “Truckercise.”  This is a 25 to 35 minute exercise program provided through a 12 minute DVD.  Produced by Boo Boo Cat Productions, L.L.C.   This program was created by a trucker that found the adjustable seat and steering wheel on a big rig could serve as an ideal fitness center.  As the designer adjusted exercises he eventually found that not only was he more alert and feeling better physically, but also began losing weight.  As a trucker he was well-qualified to understand what truckers need.

There are many resources now available throughout the industry including information from many trucking companies that are taking a proactive approach toward improving health.  Drivers’ wellness programs now deal with mental and physical performance issues that often result in a loss of energy.  The government also provides programs for those that want to get fit and improve mental health.

Others, such as Truckerfit, have established websites specifically targeting this issue.  The one recommendation that all programs have is to follow a well-structured plan and to be consistent.  Although it’s common for the weight-loss industry to misinform the public in order to sell their products, these sites are designed and run by drivers in the trucking industry to ensure that their unique issues are addressed.

It’s important to remember that just a simple diet or exercise program alone will be less effective than a lifestyle change.  With research, the right plan, and a structured regime, achieving individual goals is possible. In the end it may also extend your life.